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Conventions And Such...

Nan Desu Kan
with Trish Malone!

September 13-15 2014
at the Marriott Tech Center, Denver CO.

Gypsygirl says Hiya!

Because you asked for it...
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Even more arterial and storarchtical contribution by Jake Roth.

It looks like Gypsy will no longer be updating on Girlamatic since soon there won't be a Girlamatic to update to. I stated on GAM a few months ago that the current plan for Gypsy is to finish out this chapter followed by a hiatus for restructuring and such. Until then Gypsy will continue to update right here every Friday at the GGP. Or Monday. I aim for Fridays but until things get flowing again on a regular basis we'll play it by ear. Thanks - p.

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